Why Use Stainless Steel Bollards?

Stainless Steel Bollards from TGI Architectural

When you’re choosing bollards to protect your property or a building, or to add safety to an area, you’ll find that you have the choice between powder coated and brushed stainless steel options. If you’re on the fence, check out our reasons for why you should choose the latter.

1) They are sleek and aesthetically pleasing

While powder coated bollards can look stylish and can fit in well with the rest of the décor or scenery they are near—such as building logos and the like—stainless steel bollards give you the peace of mind of knowing that no matter if your business goes through branding changes or changes color schemes, you won’t have to alter the way your bollards look outside your building. Stainless steel bollards provide a visible, yet professional-looking deterrent for vehicles, and they look stylish and sleek.

2) You have the option for adding color later

If you choose powder coated options, you have to deal with the color you chose originally—you can never go back to having a “naked” bollard. You can change the color, but you can’t ever have a plain, stainless steel bollard on display. However, if you choose stainless bollards, you have to option to add color later, even temporarily. Pipe sleeves are offered to change the look of bollards as well as add another layer of protection from damage, so if you decided a few years down the line that you want to spruce up the way your bollards look, you have options.

3) The posts match their bases

While powder coated bollards have to use metal bases, stainless steel bollards have matching bases and locks. That offers your place of business an option for added safety and security that is a bit more streamlined.

4) There are many options for different security levels

Powder coated bollards are typically offered in a range of different diameters, heights, and with different locking mechanisms. Stainless steel bollards offer you these same options, but with even more variety—at TGI Architectural, we offer bollards as thin as 2.375” wide, whereas most powder coated options start at 3” diameters. If you prefer a smaller bollard for a lower-traffic area, consider using stainless steel options!

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