Who is TrafficGuard Architectural?

TrafficGuard Architectural is an extension of the TrafficGuard Direct, Inc. brand focused on architecturally friendly removable bollards. Our current offering is based on a number of the already successful TrafficGuard bollards, however, the architectural units are offered in 304 stainless steel or other finishes. TrafficGuard Architectural will gradually expand to offer more architectural bollard features in the future.

Why do I need bollards?

Security bollards are used in a wide variety of applications. They help provide protection from accidental and intentional vehicle intrusion. Unauthorized entry of a vehicle can injure patrons, cause expensive structural damage to building and property and can lead to costly litigation. Removable bollards can be used to protect store fronts and trails alike.

What standards do these bollards meet?

To date there are no adopted standards for low speed vehicle barriers in terms of strength and crash resistance. TrafficGuard perimeter barriers are currently designed to withstand various static loads. However, with the coming passing of an ASTM standard for low speed vehicle barriers, TrafficGuard will begin offering dynamic tested bollards in the near future.