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Low Speed Vehicle Barriers: The Coming ASTM Standard

Manually operated security bollards will soon come under a new level of scrutiny as ASTM, the globally recognized leader in the development and delivery of international voluntary consensus standards, gets ready to roll out its new standard for Low Speed Vehicle Barriers, including removable bollards.

This new standard for anti-ram bollards has been driven by an ever increasing number of vehicle incursions, typically accidental, at all types of facilities from hospitals to grocery stores. The impact of the new standard will be widespread as ASTM standards are used by Architects, Engineers and many others when selecting product to specify and use on projects.

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Vehicle impact protection devices such as the manually operated removable bollards offered in the TrafficGuard Architectural line, will be required to undergo crash testing to certify that they meet the requirements laid out by the standard. It will also become increasingly important for businesses as well as government agencies to utilize perimeter barriers that meet the standard, for the safety of their patrons, to protect their facilities from costly damage and to defend their businesses and agencies from litigation.

The incidents of vehicle incursions have not been limited to specific types of businesses or agencies, but have been widespread throughout the US and elsewhere. Coffee shops, convenient stores, grocery stores, hospitals and others have been victims of vehicle into building crashes. Very few if any of the buildings involved in these incursions were utilizing security bollards.

TrafficGuard Architectural has been involved with the ASTM committee charged with finalizing the standard and once the standard is passed will begin to offer stainless steel bollards in both removable and fixed ASTM certified options.

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