stainless steel removable helix locking bollard series

Helix Lock Series

HL2002S, HL2003S, HL2004S, HL2006S

The Patented [US Patent 8,297,873] TrafficGuard Helix Lock Series in 304 Stainless steel is the most aesthetically pleasing architectural removable bollard in the industry.  The revolutionary locking system is a completely concealed mechanism that enables the user to provide the look of a permanent bollard solution with the flexibility and access of a removable bollard.

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round post locking bollard post series

Round Post Lock Series


The Round Post Lock in stainless steel is the cleanest looking lidded removable bollard on the market and couples a high and 304 stainless steel finish on both the ground sleeve lid and bollard post while providing simple pad locking mechanism for authorized access.

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stainless steel key locking removable traffic bollard series

Key Lock Series

RP3503S, RP3504S, RP3506S

The Patented Key Lock Series [US Patents 7,472,891 & 7,722,285], [Canadian Patents 2,623,426 & 2,727,833] is a functional and architecturally sound removable bollard solution that utilizes a patented cam locking system that is visually unobtrusive and is easily and quickly removed by authorized end users.

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