stainless steel removable helix locking bollard series

Helix Lock Series

HL2002S, HL2003S, HL2004S, HL2006S

The Patented [US Patent 8,297,873] TrafficGuard Helix Lock Series in 304 Stainless steel is the most aesthetically pleasing architectural removable bollard in the industry.  The revolutionary locking system is a completely concealed mechanism that enables the user to provide the look of a permanent bollard solution with the flexibility and access of a removable bollard.

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round post locking bollard post series

Round Post Lock Series


The Round Post Lock in stainless steel is the cleanest looking lidded removable bollard on the market and couples a high and 304 stainless steel finish on both the ground sleeve lid and bollard post while providing simple pad locking mechanism for authorized access.

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stainless steel key locking removable traffic bollard series

Key Lock Series

RP3503S, RP3504S, RP3506S

The Patented Key Lock Series [US Patents 7,472,891 & 7,722,285], [Canadian Patents 2,623,426 & 2,727,833] is a functional and architecturally sound removable bollard solution that utilizes a patented cam locking system that is visually unobtrusive and is easily and quickly removed by authorized end users.

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twist-in series non-locking traffic posts

Twist In Series

RPT3501S, RPT4501S, RPT6601S

Like the Drop In Series, the twist in series provides clean lines and an appealing look with the easy removable bollard functionality. The twist in series, however, has the added benefit of twisting in place creating the illusion of locking or permanent bollard to deter unauthorized removal or theft.

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stainless steel removable drop-in traffic post series

Drop In Series

RP3501S, RP4501S, RP6601S

The Drop In Series of removable 304 stainless steel bollards is without a doubt the most architecturally pleasing non-locking removable bollard on the market today. It’s sleek design and simple function would hide from most the fact that it is in fact removable producing a permanent look and providing the flexibility of a removable bollard.

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