Steel bollards from TGI Architectural

Drive-up lanes at schools can be very dangerous places, simply due to all of the traffic, both vehicle and foot. In a place where cars and pedestrians mingle so closely together, it’s essential to try and make the entire situation as safe as possible.

One way to do so is by installing traffic bollards from TGI Architectural in order to clearly mark the spaces where cars are and are not allowed to drive.

Protecting Pedestrians

There are generally still paved areas in front of schools that are only used for foot traffic. These areas look the same as the rest of the parking lot, though, so in order to keep the front of these buildings safe, drivers need clearly marked lanes, and sometimes paint on the asphalt isn’t enough—particularly in inclement weather or if there is snow on the ground.

Installing stainless steel bollards from TGI Architectural is an aesthetically pleasing method of increasing parking lot and drive-up lane safety, particularly because in addition to providing a visual deterrent from accessing a restricted area, if that visual warning doesn’t work, the bollards help provide physical resistance so that the vehicles can’t gain entry.

Types of Bollards Available

Unlike many of the bollards you’ve probably seen in parking lots and other locations, our bollards are made with attractive stainless steel, lending a more professional, sleek look to the areas they are meant to protect.

There are several different types to choose from, depending on your needs for safety and security. For instance, there are different widths and heights—if they are being placed in areas where the amount of traffic is not as dense, thinner bollards can be used.

However, in school lanes, where vehicles including school buses regularly drive through the area, thicker, stronger bollards are the more ideal choice. You also have the choice between helix locks, round post locks, and key locks for additional security, or non-locking bollards. These bollards are all fixed, not temporary, though, so they are best for areas that need round-the-clock protection.

Using bollards to mark separate areas can help keep drivers as well as pedestrians safe. For more information about any of our stainless steel bollards or to learn about how they can make your location’s parking lot and walkways more safe, contact TGI Architectural today.

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