Bollards, also known as concrete or metal posts, are used primarily to prevent vehicle traffic from gaining access to certain areas—walkways, parks, etc. They’re meant to keep buildings and pedestrians safe from damage and injury, respectively, but they’re often purely functional—designed in a utilitarian manner, and not known for their good looks.

While they provide a professional and secure look to a location, bollards are not always the prettiest things to look at, which make it understandable that it’s becoming increasingly common for businesses and municipalities to install decorative bollards when they need additional safety and security.

Decorative bollards not only offer the security of standard bollards, but they look nice when installed as well, and add to the aesthetic appeal of an area.  Before you choose the products that will protect your establishment, take the time to learn more about decorative options—you may be surprised at the amount of eye-catching alternatives there are to choose from.

Why Choose Decorative Bollards Instead of Standard Bollards?

Standard bollards are useful and effective, however, they often clash with the aesthetic of the area they are protecting, or at least look a bit too “safety first.” Additionally, standard bollards can detract from an area’s natural beauty, particularly when they’re used to protect outdoor areas like marinas, beaches, and local parks.

stainless steel traffic bollard in West Union, Iowa

Lastly, some neighborhoods, towns, and cities have regulations about the addition of any permanent fixtures—they may need to look a certain way, and standard bollards may not meet those requirements.

Decorative bollards provide all of the safety and security benefits that standard bollards do, but they do so while looking attractive at the same time.

In some settings, it’s ideal to use bollards that are highly visible (drive-up windows, industrial settings, and highly-traveled areas), but there are some areas where decorative bollards work just fine – edges of some parking lots, upscale restaurants, gated communities, private or public estates, and amusement parks, to name a few.

Decorative bollards offer an aesthetically pleasing look while providing protection for properties and pedestrians alike. When your location needs additional security that still looks great, decorative bollards are the perfect solution.


Versatile Options for Safety

Decorative bollards are offered in a range of different materials and styles, though commonly, they are made of iron, steel, or aluminum for durability.  Decorative bollards offer a better first impression than, say, visibility yellow bollards with black and white reflective tape.

They are especially ideal around historical sites, tourist attractions, or even modern-looking commercial spaces. They still provide traffic control and security, but they improve the aesthetic of the space while doing so.

They can also feature lights, which is an easy way to illuminate a walkway for safety. Decorative bollards, because they are eye-catching, are still very effective visual deterrents for vehicles. They create a distinct physical barrier for vehicles while still allowing pedestrian traffic to freely pass through, making them an ideal choice near building entrances and parking lots.

Proper placement ensures that wheelchairs, strollers, and walkers can all fit through uninhibited, while preventing vehicles from passing through.

removable architectural posts in Matea Valley

Benefits of Using Decorative Bollards

Decorative bollards are, as mentioned, great for implementing safety and security measures that don’t necessarily look like they’re there solely for safety. Interestingly, decorative bollards can also be installed over concrete-filled, steel pipe security posts, allowing for optimal security and great looks.

Decorative bollards help create better streetscapes, as well. They create a balances and safe environment, keeping all types of traffic in its proper place. Bollards effectively separate vehicles, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bikes from one another, ensuring no one is injured in an accidental collision.

Additional benefits of bollards include:

  • Helping to prevent property damage: Bollards are often the strongest line of defense against vehicle damage to a building, whether accidental or deliberate (as in the case of intentionally crashing into a building with the plan of robbing or vandalizing a business).

  • Orderliness of pathways: Bollard separation can help pedestrian traffic stay where it needs to be—on sidewalks/out of roadways. Bollards can help keep people on the sidewalk, out of the way of vehicles.

  • Decoration: Bollards don’t have to be plain looking, concrete or painted-concrete posts. They can be made of shiny metal or other materials, or even have designs, shapes, or patterns. Some decorative bollards even have space within them where informational cards can be put for the public to read (such as at or near an event venue, for example).

Types of Decorative Bollards

Bollards, as you may know, come in many different options, including removable bollards, parking bollards, fixed (embedded or surface mounted) bollards, or collapsible, but decorative bollards are another category that can help you choose the best product for your facility’s needs.

architectural traffic posts in Fort Worth, Texas

Decorative bollards come in a range of different sizes, styles, and materials—such as shiny, polished stainless steel.

Decorative bollards have also gone more extreme in some settings, painted to mimic the look of people—though, when bollards are designed to look like people (or designed as other ornate decorations), they start to become less about safety and more about a sort of art project, and the key factor for bollards being effective is how well people notice them.

When bollards are disguised too much, they can become less effective as people don’t recognize them as barriers.

Using decorative bollards that are still effective is an ideal solution when you need a great looking security measure. At Traffic Guard International, we’re proud to offer a variety of bollards, both decorative and functional, that help improve the safety and security of an area.

If you’re looking for an effective way to separate foot traffic from vehicle traffic, protect buildings from damage, and increase the aesthetical appeal of a location, consider decorative bollards.

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